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Crested gecko

Any questions? Just phone Anna or Damian on: Buxton 01298 77412 or 07578 467924

Animal Magic Parties will bring along a wide range of exotic animals for your zoo party, school workshop or event. Most of which can be touched, handled and in some cases, fed.

These animals are our pets and are looked after to a very high standard. All are very friendly and well handled and would love to come and visit you at your animal party! To book now please call us on 01298 77412.

Mammals including:

Rolo the Pygmy Hedgehog
Crabby and Patty the Sugar Gliders
Sparkle the skunk
Chocolate Chip the skunk
Conker. Thistle, Rose and Olaf the African Pygmy Hedgehogs
Crabby and Patty the Sugar Gliders
Sparkle and Fudge the black and white descented Skunks
Chocolate Chip and Toffee (in training) the chocolate descented Skunks
Groot The Meerkat Basil the Chinchilla Cocoa, Smudge and Honey the rabbits Coming Soon!
Comet, Rocket, Lightning, Sunny and Groot the Meerkats
Basil, Cloud and Lola the Chinchillas
Honey, Patch and Sooty the Rabbits Coming Soon!


Birds including:

Luna the Barn Owl
Mrs Boo the Boobook Owl

Strider the Harris Hawk

Mumble the Burrowing Owl


Luna, Artemis and Ghost the Barn Owls Mrs Boo and Bamboo the Boobook Owls Strider and Siggi the Harris Hawks (available for halls or outdoor displays only) Mumble (Happy Feet) the Burrowing Owl
Yang the Screech Owl Twilight The Asian Wood Owl Gandalf The Greyish Owl
Yang the Screech Owl Twilight the Malaysian Wood Owl Gandalf the Greyish Owl Hodor the European Eagle Owl
  American Kestrel    

Sky the American Kestrel

Coming Soon




Please note, we usually only bring along one of the owls, arrangements for more owls can be made on request (depending on circumstances an extra fee may be charged).


Reptiles including:

Rainbow the Panther Chameleon Malagasy Chameleon
Baloo the corn snake
Shimmer and Cleo the Rainbow Boas
Skittles, Gigantor, Rainbow and Rango the Panther Chameleons

Coming Soon!

Malagasy Giant Chameleon

Pumpkin, Chequers, Popcorn and Patch the Corn Snakes
Shimmer and Cleo the Rainbow Boas
Woody the Western Hognose Snake
Milkshake the Milk Snake
Sausage the Sand Boa
Greig The Mountain King Snake
Tiger, Woody and Jessie the Western Hognose Snakes
Milkshake The Milk Snake
Sausage and Beans the Sand Boas
Greig the Mountain King Snake
Blue the Blue Tongued Skink
Lenny the Leopard Gecko
Max the bearded dragon
Fruit the Crested Gecko
Midnight, Shadow, Blue and Bowser the Blue Tongued Skinks
Lemon, Blizzard, Snow and Crystal the Leopard Geckos
T-rex, Spike and Sunshine the Bearded Dragons
Forest, Pumpkin and Fruit the Crested Geckos
Spike The Horned Dragon Flicker the Ackie Monitor Marley The Uromastyx Emerald The Water Dragon
Ace and Spike the Horned Dragons

Coming Soon!

Flicker the Ackie Monitor

Bob and Marley The Somali Uromastyx

Coming Soon!

Emerald and Aqua the Water Dragons


Chelonians and Amphibians including:

Rosie the red footed tortoise
Speedy the Horsefield Tortoise
Thunderpants the Bull Frog
Whites Tree Frog
Rosie, Victor, Flower and Tidge the Red Footed Tortoises
Slow and Speedy the Horsefield Tortoises
Thunderpants the African Bull Frog
Splash and Dunk the White's Tree Frogs

Insects including:

Asian Praying Mantis
Whipped Scorpion
Giant African Land Snails
Hissing Cockroach
Smash and Grab the Giant Asian Praying Mantis's
Whisper the Whipped Scorpion
Curly and Whirley the Giant African Land Snails
Harry and Hopper the Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches
Giant African Black Millipede
Gigantea Stick Insect
Whispy the Leaf Insect
Mork and Mindy the Macleays Stick Insects
Legs and Eleven the Giant African Millipedes
Gloria the Gigantea Stick Insect
Windy and Whispy the Leaf Insects
Mork and Mindy the Macleay's Stick Insects
Chaco the Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula
Red Legged Millipede
Amber Banded Millipede
Chile Rose Tarantula
Chaco the Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula
Pinky and Perky the Red Legged Millipedes
Arnie and Amber the Amber Banded Millipedes
Hagrid and Mona the Red Chile Rose Tarantulas
Spike the Flat Rock Scorpion
Emperor Scorpion
Fluffy the Curly Haired Tarantula
Shelob the Bird Eating Spider
Spike The Flat Rock Scorpion
Sherman the Emperor Scorpion
Fluffy the Curly Haired Tarantula
Shelob the Salmon Pink Toe Birdeating Spider (baby)
  Black Beauty and Eclipse the Brazilian Black Tarantulas
Black Beauty and Eclipse the Brazilian Black Tarantulas
Please note, not all of the insects may be available at all times of year due to their lifecycles. We dont bring as many during winter as it gets a bit cold for them!

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Animal Magic would like to thank Christopher Doyle for the amazing photographs!

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